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Sending Your Items

Item Quality:

  • Items for consignment should be sent without hangers and should be free of holes, stains, rips, wrinkles, etc.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any items.
  • Please review our 20 point checklist prior to selling your items to us.

Selling Your Items

Sold Items:

  • For major designer items, new consignors will receive 55% of the selling price per item. 
  • For designer items, continuing consignors will receive 50% of the selling price per item.
  • Consignors will receive 40% of the selling price on non-designer pieces. 
  • DCxAsra reserves the right to determine selling price of each item.

Items Up For Sale:

  • Consignor will provide photos of suits to determine eligibility for sale.  DCxAsra will then provide a price point for sale of the item(s).  If the consignor is agreeable, then item(s) will be shipped to DCxAsra.  Upon receiving shipment, DCxAsra will review the item(s) for quality and confirm starting price point of item(s) for sale.

  • Items accepted by DCxAsra will be placed for sale for a period of ninety (90) days.  When the item is sold, dry cleaning cost is shared with the consignor.  

Unsold Items:

  • After ninety (90) days any unclaimed or unsold items may become the property of DCxAsra and may be later donated.  
  • There is a one week grace period for picking up or arranging for return of items, after the consignment period has ended.  It is the consignor’s responsibility to track and retrieve items.
  • Consignor is responsible for shipping costs when items are returned. 
  • Clients will receive a text and/or email when their piece has been sold. 


  • PayPal (please use your PayPal email address in the Sell form)
  • Zelle
  • Venmo


    Consignor represents that it is the rightful owner of all goods consigned, has the legal right to enter into this Agreement and guarantees that goods consigned are authentic, saleable, and free of liens or other claims. DCxAsra will regard each item with great care but is not responsible for loss due to fire, theft, damages, etc. All items are left at the Consignor’s risk and Consignor expressly agrees to waive any such claims. DCxAsra does not own your item while it is in our care but will take precautions to protect and prevent damages and/or loss.

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