20 Point Checklist

For anyone looking to sell their lightly worn South Asian outfits, please go through this list and ensure that your outfits meet our strict standards.

1) Review beads/sequins for damage

2) Review shirt for missing beads/sequins

3) Review stitching for damage

4) Armpit check for stains

5) Sleeve check for damage

6) Wrist/cuff check for damage

7) Review front of shirt for stains/makeup

8) Review back of shirt for stains/makeup

9) Review front of shirt for holes/punctures/tears/rips

10) Review back of shirt for holes/punctures/tears/rips

11) Review collar for stains/makeup/damage

12) Review neckline for stains/makeup/damage

13) Review slip/undershirt/lining

14) Review zippers/hooks/buttons to ensure they work


15) Review for stains

16) Review for holes/punctures/tears

17) Review zippers/hooks/drawstrings to ensure functionality


18) Review all edges for damage/piling

19) Review for stains

20) Review for holes/punctures/tears