About Us

Founded in 2015, our mission is to bring South Asian designer clothing to you at prices that keep your wallet and your closet happy. We personally inspect and curate a high quality selection of designer pieces- so you can buy with confidence every time.


  Meet Asra:

Growing up, I always took desi shopping for granted. Any event, whether it be a wedding or graduation party, my parents always purchased suits of my liking without question.  Of course, my mom always did the bargaining, but I never really knew the cost associated.  Fast forward to getting married, where my mom tells me that my husband and I are now responsible for all my desi party wear.  NBD right?  Wrong!  I moved to Chicago shortly after getting married, and shopping on Devon was a nightmare.  I remember walking into a boutique and wanting an Eid suit but having a tight budget of $100.  The lady sold me a cotton suit for $95 (swore I got an amazing deal)- I quickly realized that the suit was too simple, but I was stuck. One night, I was perusing my closet, looking at all the desi wear I had.  Due to an upcoming event, I needed something to wear, but apparently I had worn everything I owned in front of this particular crowd.  All of a sudden, a light bulb went off.  I immediately asked my husband "do you think desis will ever pay to buy used suits?"  He replied "Why not?  If it works for American fashion, why can't it work for desi fashion?"  With that, I started asking close friends and family what they thought.  Fast forward eight months, and the creation of Designer Consignment by Asra was born.  

My goal was simple- to create a platform for desi women to look beautiful on a budget.  Additionally, I want to provide affordable, discounted designer wear to the desi community.  Lastly,  I wanted to create a brand that was more eco- friendly and conscious of the way our clothes are both created and discarded, encouraging others to decrease their carbon footprint.   The website also allows desi women across to country to browse suits, versus having to go to places like Devon as their only option.  

Many of our suits are brand new, and others are previously worn.  All previously worn suits are dry cleaned before sale, and ready for wear when they arrive.  Our focus is primarily designer wear since the quality is generally better, especially for rewear and re purposing.  

I hope this story is not only inspiring, but also instills a connection and sense of trust- when you buy from us, you are not only buying a quality, clean piece but helping the world by reducing waste and encouraging rewear.  After all, what's wrong with wearing a suit from another fashionista's closet?